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NutritJet Magnesium Complex Max Absorption Magnesium 1750mg – 120 Tablets

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  • High Absorption Magnesium Complex: Advanced high potency formula contains 1750mg magnesium per serving. Promote enzyme production, supporting muscle relaxation, bone, and nerve health. Non-dairy, non-GMO, non-gluten.
  • Promotes Muscle Relaxation: Magnesium supplements help proper muscle function to relieve tight, sore, and cramped muscles, muscle contraction, and promote muscle relaxation or recover muscles after exercise.
  • Supports Bone Health & Nerve Health: Magnesium helps maintain normal nerve function, supports to keeps cardiovascular function, and promotes normal bone density. Aids in the production of energy and protein play a key role in exercise performance.
  • Premium Blend of Magnesium: Our formula features 3 premium forms of magnesium: Magnesium Glycinate, Citrate, Malate. These high quality elemental magnesium for optimal absorption by your body.
  • NutritJet Magnesium Complex and made in a WHO-GMP, HACCP compliant and fully licensed FSSAI facility. Have your peace of mind when you consume NutritJet products.

Magnesium An essential mineral, magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and provides nutritive support for normal, healthy muscle function. Additionally, magnesium may help support healthy: Support Muscle, Bone & Nerve Health: Magnesium supports physical performance, speeds up cellular repair and relieves muscle cramps. It supports energy production and stronger bone density. Now it’s easy to enjoy your active lifestyle. Aging: As you age, your body’s ability to absorb magnesium may decrease. Supplementation with NutritJet’s Magnesium complex may help support healthy bones and heart function. Better Sleep: Known for its natural calming influence, magnesium may help support a natural state of calmness. Beyond helping to relax your muscles, Magnesium complex may also help normalize the production of cortisol, a ‘stress hormone.’ Additionally, magnesium may support healthy production of serotonin to help balance your mood and allow your body and mind to relax more quickly and feel more refreshed.

17 reviews for NutritJet Magnesium Complex Max Absorption Magnesium 1750mg – 120 Tablets

  1. navin khanna

    After the exercise in the gym, the pain in my body was felt, now I feel less than before. I feel it’s helping in my muscle recovery and reduce fatigue .

  2. vicky bhatt

    I absolutely loved this product!! It’s totally value for money. It supports our muscles, bones and nerves as it claims. You should also try this it’s totally amazing!!😍

  3. yegit

    I take every night and I’ve seen benefits like relaxation at night, helps restless legs, my migraines that I used to have pretty often are gone as well. So this supplement is one that I use very often.

  4. Virat

    I am writing this review after one month usage…. My period pains are gone after taking one pill a day…. Motions are also fine… No constipation…will surely recommend..go for it

  5. gaurav vaghasiya

    If you are looking for a magnesium supplement you must try this one it is very effective and reliable product as I am using it and I can see the good results in my health. Overall good product.

  6. pooja mandiya

    The product is so amazing and it’s good for bones and muscles makes them stronger….and it has no side effects……for gym people it’s good and helps to make muscles

  7. Shivy Shah

    Magnesium Glycinate has been a game-changer for me in terms of getting a deep and restful sleep. This supplement is highly bioavailable and helps in improving sleep quality, reducing muscle tension, and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. I wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic after taking this supplement, and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with sleep issues or stress.

  8. moni sheth

    Magnesium is a mineral that your body needs to function properly. Many people are deficient in this essential nutrient and I’m definitely one of them. I have tried different things to work on this deficiency but nothing worked. Then one of my friend suggested this product and it worked like magic. Already done with one bottle and I have ordered again. You can completely trust this brand.

  9. vyom vyas

    Easy to digest supplement. I take it everyday and it helps greatly. Have been using it for more than a 3 months and have never had any issue with the product. I always recommend this specific product when recommending magnesium.

  10. tarun

    This is a recent buy..will have yo finish the dosage to see results. Maybe a couple of months

  11. khanak

    Genuine product with the good quality and effectiveness. Must buy.

  12. Roop k

    It’s a great product, easy digestion, and prevents leg cramps.Price point was worth the money. It also helps me sleep better. I take 2 tablets at nights it gives the best results for me

  13. avnis

    I would like to recommend this to my friend and family it’s works really amazing very effective product you can see the positive results after having these tablets size are quite good easy to gulp. Worth buying

  14. Dhara

    As you guys know MAGNESIUM is very important for health , it helps me in muscle recovery & good sleep there are number of benefits and good thing is it’s very easy to swallow , very affordable as compare to others. All over it’s a good quality product.

  15. Reshma

    I want to try chelated magnesium complex as I heard it works really well and I did. It actually makes a difference. Product is good and odourless. Its been a month have been using and yes I like it.

  16. aelvish

    I really like this one. I use this every single day. Highly recommend.

  17. Hardik

    Best Magnesium

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