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NutritJet Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 & B12 for Men and Women 60 Vegetarian tablets

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NutritJet Calcium Citrate, magnesium & Zinc is formulated for building A healthy body. Calcium is essential for strong bones and vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium. Zinc and magnesium assist the body with bone formation.

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  • Get the benefits of calcium magnesium zinc supplement in one tablet. It is ideal for promoting bone, muscle and nerve health
  • We carefully selected a balanced blend of sources of calcium , magnesium and zinc to make our calcium magnesium zinc tablets easy to digest & absorb to get maximum benifits
  • Our premium & all-natural mineral complex of Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Vitamin D3 supplements help fight osteoporosis by strengthening your bones, they improve muscle strength, promote nerve functioning, reduce hypertension, boost your immunity and enhance your digestion.
  • Calcium and Vitamins D3 are Essential Nutrients for Strong Teeth and Bones, Magnesium: Nutritive support for normal, healthy heart, muscle, nerve, circulatory function.
  • This product is 100% Vegetarian and made in a WHO-GMP, HACCP compliant and fully licensed FSSAI facility. Have your peace of mind when you consume NutritJet products.

NutritJet Calcium Citrate, magnesium & Zinc is formulated for building A healthy body. Calcium is essential for strong bones and vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium. Zinc and magnesium assist the body with bone formation.

Calcium, magnesium and zinc are essential minerals, nutrients that the body needs to function properly but cannot produce it on its own. Although these minerals are found in dairy products, leafy greens, legumes, whole grains and lean protein, many adults do not get enough of them through diet alone. Vitamin D is one of the 13 essential vitamins needed for health and well-being. It helps the body absorb calcium and other nutrients. The human body can produce small amounts of vitamin D due to sun exposure; however it is typically recommend for those taking calcium and other minerals.

40 reviews for NutritJet Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 & B12 for Men and Women 60 Vegetarian tablets

  1. siya rabdiya

    Excellent quality,safe to use , no side effects till now , overall satisfactory result product, value for money

  2. abhay

    This Medicine is very important for our health. The Calsium is very useful for health. I brought my grandmother health. Then few days she better than. So I Happy. Thanks Nutritjet.

  3. kanji kunj

    Calcium magnesium zinc supplement is an amazing product.

  4. minaksi khunt

    since our body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Our heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly….So I decided to buy there calcium tablets from Nutritjet.they are so good ,it increase bone density, improve blood pressure.

  5. dilaba zala

    I had a bone fracture earlier.So I bought this for my daily calcium requirements.
    Its helpful and has no side effects.

  6. poonam

    Good medicines. It’s very easy to swallow and good benefits for bone support etc. Quality absorbency, really it’s good. Packing and delivery nice

  7. arihant

    Good combination of chemicals for joint , muscles and bones support. Great brand which provide value for money things. Also useful for immunity in this pandemic.

  8. priyanam

    This products is absolutely good, it’s helpful for me and good quality of product, it’s has proper amount of calcium and one of the best products.

  9. pinal padariya

    It is very good product. It is good for health. It provides bones support, muscle support and joint support. It includes calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc. Must try it.

  10. uravsi

    Good medicines. It’s very easy to swallow and good benefits for bone support etc. Quality absorbency, really it’s good. Packing and delivery nice

  11. rashi jeel

    A diet deficient in calcium may conintribute to joint issues in later life. Calcium supplementation may assist in improving joint essence. It helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

  12. manshukh tanna

    This is best supplement it get sallow easily. Helps to relief pain.good for bones. Totally helpful and value for money.

  13. minakashi

    This is great pills. Calcium, magnesium, zinc ,vitamin D all are good for muscles, bone strength and joints support .When I used this tablet for a few days, I felt very relaxed and healthy and energized in myself.I also got relief in joint pain. It is very easy to swallow

  14. bhavika

    This Cal.Mag.Zinc. tablets are so good I was suffering from koints and muscle pain and now after 10 days use I am feeling better than before… In addition of these 3 vitamins there is vitamin D3 and B12 which is also very necessary for your daily routine. I am taking 1 tablet daily after dinner and felt no side effects.

  15. kiana

    Must needed product. I brought this for my mom who has Calcium deficiency. And always complaints about her back problem But after having this Calcium tablets she is definitely feeling it better. Nice product at an very reasonable price…..

  16. maya rank

    The day I ordered this and then on that night only, I met with an accident
    And as I recieved it in 2 to 3 days I daily have this Daily before sleeping with water
    I was having bone problem after that accident and this tablets helped me too go with my daily routine as go to work it gives my bone relief and I was feeling good than before

  17. vyakunj kina

    Very beneficial for health and gives instant result… no side effect and very healthy

  18. husun panna

    It’s pretty standard and doesn’t have any side affects. Good for bones and teeth.

  19. uttanvi

    This calcium Magnesium zinc tablet is used for bones support and joint support so my mother use this tablets on daily bases. Consume 1 tablet daily from it supports joint and bones.

  20. selja

    Regular consumption of biotin tablets for hair growth for women and men may help minimize hairfall, regulate glowing skin, and reduce brittleness in the nails. It is an effective hair growth supplement

  21. pritam

    Product is really good as stated in the description. It’s really effective and easy to swallow

  22. S. Reddy

    My nutritionist suggested me this. Much better results I got than previous brand. Good quality and good results also. Value for money product.
    I’m consuming Calcium Magnesium and Zinc since a month now.

  23. sona

    I was recommended for it by the gym trainer and it is showing results i know its early to give a feedback but the result is showing gradually

  24. prabha

    I have been using this product for the past three months, so i decided to stop using it for sometime. But after a week or so, the joint pain that i had completely forgotten about came back. So i had to start again.

  25. madhavi

    I am in love with these tablets by carbamide forte..a few days back i was suffering from vitamin d deficiency and then got my hands on this and my body is recovering now and it boosts my immunity and overall health.

  26. kirit raiyani

    It’s a nice product for people aged above 45 years for Calcium, Vitamin B12 and D. The result needs days to understand. Energy is increased.

  27. kalpita

    I like this product because it’s not harmful and good for joints and immunity and good joints also have vitamins

  28. rushi

    Very nice supplement for calcium, easily absorbed by the body , it keeps the bone healthy and strong , it is also having some essential minerals which all together forms a powerful substance which lead to overall bone density and strength…..

  29. bhavaniman

    After great research I came across this supplement. Calcium which can be easily absorbed is important. As far as I know I did not had any issues in digesting it or any bloating issues. I found it quite reliable with all important ingredients needed to prevent effects of aging process. Thank you Nutritjet

  30. diwali

    I have been using this Bones, Joints and Immunity tablets for sometime now. Works like magic for my bones and joints. I highly recommend this product. Easy to swallow, easy to absorb and the best for your bones, joints and immunity.

  31. krushna

    I bought this medicine for my grandfather. And the reviews are great from his side. He was suffering from knee pain earlier but now the impact is good

  32. jully

    No issue really osm Product must buy I’m using this seen 2months Really its helpful Must Buy osm it is.

  33. sakib

    This definitely helped me in my recovery after the fracture. I will say it is very amazing supplement and is super effective.

  34. jayshreen

    The calcium tablets were awsome now using this supplement I am felling strong and tight it has made my bones more strong

  35. aksh garima

    This medicine really helped in completing my everyday need of calcium , also helped me in completing the needs of magnesium and zinc.

  36. shalini

    amazing calcium supplement with vitamin d3 and other essential vitamins like zinc and magnesium in appropriate amounts. Very good product

  37. mayuri pachan

    Calcium is good for bones as we all know it, and this box of calcium comes with magnesium and zinc, vit d3. During this tough time we all should take care of ourselves. Would recommend it to use.

  38. bhavyta

    This supplement is really amazing. Very positive results.

  39. manyta

    Calcium, zinc and magnesium content is enough for daily requirement. It’s reliable and easy on pocket. The no. Of tablets are also good. Overall a great buy.

  40. sobha shan

    I have finished one bottle, and with increased protein intake , I have noticed visible results in healthier hair.

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